Banker stabs his 29-year old wife 45 times, wrongly thinking she gave him HIV, but only got to 25 years in prison

He killed her because he thought she infected him with HIV, he coerced his 5-year old daughter to help clean her mother’s blood. It turns out she was HIV-negative.

Banker thinks his wife gave him HIV, so he stabs her 45 times

This October, Khazamula Emmanuel Baloyi was only sentenced to 25 years in prison by the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria in the matter of the State v Baloyi (CC168/17) [2018] ZAGPPHC 19 despite stabbing his wife all over her body in January 2017.

Their 5-year old daughter, Amukelani helped clean her mother’s blood and saw her mother’s body.

Baloyi had been diagnosed with AIDS some days earlier, so he went home and accused his wife of infecting him with the disease, he also accused her of infidelity.

Post-mortem results show that she was in fact HIV-negative. She was only 29 when she died.

According to court documents of the Gauteng High Court, the messy background story

Mr. Baloyi and the deceased (his wife) met each other during January 2010 and subsequently got married on 28 November 2015. At that stage, both were employed. Mr. Baloyi was employed by ABSA Bank and the deceased was a qualified nursing sister at Steve Biko Hospital.

The deceased got pregnant and the family started the lobola negotiations — payment of bride price — during September 2011. On December 8, 2012, a ceremony to celebrate the completion of lobola negotiations and payment was held in Limpopo.

They lived together since 2011 and decided to have their white wedding on November 28, 2015.

They were married for approximately 15 (fifteen) months before Mr. Baloyi murdered his wife in January 2017. Mr. Baloyi has two daughters called Amukelani Baloyi, born on October 24, 2011, and Nkateko Maphuti Baloyi born in June 2014 and that both have been in the care of their maternal grandmother since January 7, 2017.

Mr. Baloyi told a social worker, Mrs. J.C. Wolmarans, who compiled a Psycho Social Pre-Sentence Report and also testified in court that the relationship has been under strain since they moved in together.

The witness then listed certain events to substantiate such strain in the marriage

Mrs. Wolmarans states that during 2012, Mr. Baloyi was employed by ABSA Bank. The conflict in their relationship affected his concentration and he was referred to counseling by his supervisor. Notwithstanding this setback, the families with the couple had a ceremony of welcoming in Limpopo.

During 2013, Mr. Baloyi struggled at his workplace, as he struggled to concentrate. He resigned at the end of October 2013, as he feared that he might be dismissed.

During 2014, the family experienced a few setbacks; a broken down vehicle, housebreaking and the deceased (Mrs. Baloyi) had surgery. Mr. Baloyi described this period as the best time of his marriage.

During 2015, they got married and it was also a happy time until two weeks after the marriage when the deceased and both children went to her family.

During 2016, the deceased entered a three-year course and attended class at night. This apparently led to the relationship deteriorating and subsequently to Mr. Baloyi filing for a divorce. Then, Mr. Baloyi was requested by both families not to proceed with the divorce.

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